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On this page you can find weekly sermons from NorthernLife from Senior Pastor Jonathan Shanks and others. Subscribe to our sermons on your preferred podcast platform using the links below, explore past sermon series, search for a specific sermon, or browse the archive.

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Weekly sermon archive

Xponential: First Fruits Faith

The Kingdom of God runs on an economy of exponential multiplication—multiplication of sacrifice. In 2 Kings 4, a man from Baal Shalishah brings a first-fruits offering to the prophet Elisha who God uses to multiply the bread to feed 100 people. This message will...

Xponential: The Abundant Kingdom

Our God is able to exponentially multiply to provide for His children in need. In this message, Stuart Roberts shows how God doesn't look at what we DON'T have, but starts with what we DO have and is able to multiply that to be enough for us.

Seven Questions from the Raising of Lazarus
Seven Questions from the Raising of Lazarus

Is suffering redemptive? Does something always good come from our pain and how does that affect the way we approach suffering? In this follow-on sermon from our Christmas Day message, Jonathan Shanks unpacks seven questions that arise from the raising of Lazarus: Has...