Real people, real stories.

Northern Life is a richly diverse community, full of real people with real stories. On this page you will find testimonies of the challenges, joys and blessings of life—and the lessons learnt along the way.

Tyler Leebdutoit

Tyler Leebdutoit shares his experience standing up as a Christian in his secular workplace.

Lachlan & Rachel Ford

Lachlan & Rachel Ford share stories of praying bold, faith-filled prayers for healing.

Stuart Roberts

Stuart Roberts reflects on the danger of wealth from our James series: Faith in Action.

Fie Fie Tijoe

Fie Fie Tijoe shares her story of finding community at NorthernLife.

Graham Baldock

Graham Baldock reflects on how life with God can sometimes feel ordinary.

Rosalie Coyne

Rosalie Coyne shares her story of coming to know Jesus through a Christian family.

Ben Carlisle

Ben Carlisle shares his story of growing up with hearing loss and experience God’s healing.

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson tells his story of working as a manager for a disability home and the lessons he has learnt.

Lindsay Mee

On Anzac Day, Lindsay Mee tells the story of his career serving in the Australian Army.

Richard Brading

Richard Brading shares his experience working as a lawyer helping people with gambling addictions.

Lachlan Shanks

Lachlan Shanks shares his story of discerning God’s call on his life to be a teacher.

Chris Ong

Chris Ong opens up about his struggles with anxiety and the comfort he has found in God

Sally Henderson

Sally Henderson shares the story of her husband’s struggle with mental health issues.