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Core Values of Northern Life

Jonathan Shanks breaks down each of our 12 Core Values that fulfil our mission to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples.

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The Preaching Farm: Harvest 1

The Preaching Farm is a three part course designed to equip believers with the fundamental knowledge and skills of preaching.

The Preaching Farm: Harvest 2 cover

The Preaching Farm: Harvest 2

The Preaching Farm is back for another harvest. 5 preachers present short sermons on a chosen passage.

Deliverance & Inner Healing course cover

Deliverance & Inner Healing with Alan Ang

Alan Ang teaches on spiritual warfare and finding freedom in Jesus’ name in a four-hour, three-part teaching. Includes course outline with notes.

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The Trinity Prayers

The Trinity prayers are spoken-word prayers covering a Biblical and theological overview of each member of the Trinity. These are prayers designed to teach as they honour and promote wonder as they worship.

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Core Values: Sent Senders
Core Values: Sent Senders

We are a sent people committed to sending others. We have been blessed to be a blessing. As the Father sent the Son, the Son sent the Spirit, the Spirit sends the Church, the Church sends ministers of the gospel. We nurture new life in Christ, we train up, we raise...

Core Values: Sent Senders
Core Values: Life Matters

LIFE MATTERS   All living things matter; people and planet, we steward everything for God’s glory in the context of loving relationships. We are called to exercise our authority as true humanity in Christ through stewardship of all creation.  As we take care of each...