The Rewire Principle | Wayform E4

August 14, 2022

Repetition rewires the brain. It’s the reason why you can easily brush your teeth, or drive a car, or play an instrument. It’s also the reason why we believe lies if they repeated enough. Lies repeated enough creates ruts in our thinking, because repetition rewires the brain. In this message, Benjamin Shanks unpacks the repetition required in spiritual formation.

Ruts and Trenches
A rut is an intentional product of time and repetition. It’s the reason why we are stuck in bad habits and self-destructive thinking. A trench is an intentional, strategic channel to redirect resources. Repetition is what created the rut, and repetition is what will create the new trench of truth.

To rewire our brain around truth, we must:
1. Write it.
2. Speak it.
3. Repeat it until you believe it.

Repetition wires the brain. Repetition wires the brain. Repetition wires the brain.