Deuteronomy Graphic

Deuteronomy: The Solution to Idolatry

May 15, 2022

Our God reigns outside of time. He is Alpha & Omega and His wisdom is perfectly hindsight-informed wisdom. What if that means that He is engaging with generations at once, answering the prayers of future great-grandchildren in your life today?

In this Deuteronomy-series message, Jonathan Shanks unpacks the problem of idolatry to the people of Israel in chapter 7. God commanded Israel through Moses to wholly and completely wipe out the nations before them in the Promised Land or else, God warned, they would be ensnared by them, led astray to worship false idols. Because our God has hindsight-informed wisdom, He didn’t just think this might happen, He saw it coming. The solution to the problem of idolatry is DIFFERENTIATION and ELIMINATION with DETERMINATION.

This message will challenge you to make decisions and offer prayers that alter your generations to come for the glory of God.